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If I Might Interject: Quick Quips: Election Errors Edition

David Wanat's post on his blog, If I Might Interject: Quick Quips: Election Errors Edition: Now that we finished the conventions, Catholics on social media are…pretty much doing the same thing they’ve been doing since January, explains very astutely the issues thoughtful Catholics are considering.

Here's the money quote (which is a quote from Cardinal Ratzinger):

[N.B. A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate’s permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.] 

 Click over to his post for his explanation.

The First Bishop of Boston

On the death of Cardinal Cheverus, 180 years ago: This month marks 180 years since the death of Cardinal Jean Cheverus, the first Bishop of Boston. The papers of his successor, Bishop Benedict Joseph Fenwick, reveal the work and love Bishop Cheverus.  He almost fell victim to the revolution in France but escaped to London.  He didn't even speak English!  Upon hearing the need for priests in the colonies, he came to Boston in 1796.  The rest is history.  Thanks be to God!

Cruelty Continues

Pope Francis: Cruelty did not end at Auschwitz; it continues today: KRAKOW, Poland (CNS) -- Humankind's cruelty did not end with the Holocaust, but rages on in the suffering of those living through war, homelessness and persecution, Pope Francis said.  All you have to do is read newspapers and watch TV.  "Man's inhumanity to man" seems a given.

Catholic senator earns victory in federal court against HHS mandate

I wonder.  How is the senator going to handle this?  Will he give his employees money--here go buy the health care you want?   What will result?  Catholic senator earns victory in federal court against HHS mandate: ST. LOUIS (CNS) -- A Missouri senator won't be forced to pay for health insurance that includes covering abortion, etc.

Evangelization Opportunities Come Knocking

Boston churches become hotspots for Pokémon: BRAINTREE -- In the days following its first debut in New Zealand and Australia on July 5, and then its release in the United States the following day, the mobile game Pokémon GO has become a cultural phenomenon.  Young people (mostly) are playing and looking for the little creatures here and there. Think of it as a virtual scavenger hunt.

Instead of freaking out because ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE ON OUR PROPERTIES (HORROR), use the opportunity to talk to them.  Be friendly and welcoming.  Take an interest in what they're doing.  Invite them in for refreshments and tell them of your parish's activities that they might be interested in.  Give them your parish's facebook page to stay abreast of activities that will interest them.

Good grief!  Does the Holy Spirit have to knock you off your donkey!  Pokemon Go may be a godsend.

Catholics Urged to Fast, Pray for Peace; Plans Novena for Nation

Me too.  I've dedicated Wednesday as my day of fast--no computer and only one meal.  I offer my sacrifice for my country to be drawn closer to God's will and peace for the world. Catholics urged to fast, pray for peace; group plans novena for nation: MANCHESTER, N.H. (CNS) -- Bishop Peter A. Libasci of Manchester is urging Catholics to pray and fast for peace in response to the ongoing violence in the U.S. and around the world.


One reason I like to write is because I can play god.  I create my world and people it with characters that suit my creation.  Even better, I can make them think what I want them to think and do what I want.  In fact (in a burst of hubris) my world is better than our real world.

Omniscience is a narrator's technique.  The author has either the first or third person express the narrator's point of view.  Hence, omniscience is a point of view. The narrator's techniques may change, but the narrator herself does not.  The story really only has one point of view--the narrator's.  So don't think of what person is the point of view, but rather, what technique.

The Answer to “Do Clothes Make the Man?” Every time Sally put on that white dress, her personality changed.  Was it her imagination?  She didn’t think so.  Admittedly, she did look extraordinarily pretty in it.  It showed off her slim figure, her long dark hair and tan.  She received many compliments.  People appro…


Here's my contribution.  I don't have a large picture of Saint Dominic, plenty of holy cards of him, though.  But I do have a statue of Our Lady of the Rosary.  The Blessed Mother is giving the rosary to St. Catherine of Siena and the baby Jesus is giving a rosary to Saint Dominic.

Cardinal O'Malley encourages WYD pilgrims to embrace mercy every day

Cardinal O'Malley encourages WYD pilgrims to embrace mercy every day: KRAKOW, Poland (CNS) -- Jesus did not stop talking about mercy even though he was nearly thrown from a cliff after his first public talk in a Nazareth synagogue, and the rest of his life can serve as a witness to mercy.

Two Interesting Questions

Here are two interesting questions from the Pilot.   One tells the story of a 70-year-old woman who goes to confession but is so anxious about it that she doesn't think she's ever made a good confession. Fear of confession:   Following that question is one about not liking your parish church/priests/style and going to another parish.  I found both questions pertinent.

A Day of Fasting

I don't know about you, but that prophecy I posted a few days ago, shook me.  I can't get it out of my mind.  Consequently, I feel moved to fast and pray.  Due to my age and illnesses, I may not be able to completely fast from food, so other things may have to be given up.  Wednesday will be my day of fast for my country and the world.  Lord have mercy on us, sinners.  I'm off the net on Wednesdays.  See you tomorrow.

Panel Discussion on Prayer

Last night my "cloistered brothers" and I held a panel discussion on prayer.  There were three men on the panel.  Russ spoke about meditation.  He is a revert from Buddhism (born Catholic, went to Buddhism and then back to Catholicism).  Gerry talked about the rosary.  He was a nominal Catholic.  He said that he attended Our Lady of Assumption Church and didn't know what Assumption meant.  He also said he was there when the Mass changed from Latin to English and he didn't notice the difference (shows how much he was paying attention). Then he went to Medjugorje and it was like a Saul to Paul experience. Lastly, there was Peter.  Pete is a Lay Dominican who practices Lectio Divina, every day.  Lection Divina consists of taking an excerpt from a reading (Lectio) and reading and meditating upon it (Meditatio).  Then this meditation will move you to pray to God (Oratio).  Finally, you want this experience to be with you throughout the day, so you pick out something shor…

Dominic Meets Francis

Dramatization of the meeting between St. Dominic and St. Francis Sacred Movement
3 people: Narrator, St. Dominic, St. Francis The setting is a church in Rome, the year 1216.Tradition holds that during Dominic’s second visit to Rome, in 1216, he met Francis of Assisi and they instantly recognized each other.

The legend begins with Saint Dominic praying. St. Dominic has nine ways of praying and on this particular night he was praying before a crucifix with his own arms spread out just like our Savior’s arms on the cross.  His shoulders were shaking from his weeping.  St. Dominic was blessed with the gift of tears and he spent many nights weeping his prayers, until he fell into blessed sleep.
Across town in another church, knelt St. Francis.  Francis was praying for papal confirmation of his new order.  He had never intended to start a religious order, but so many followers wanted to live his life of poverty, chastity, and obedience to the Gospels, that soon it had become obvious that some so…

The Prayer Warriors for the World

Pope issues rules to help contemplative women be beacons for world: VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In an effort to help contemplative women religious renew their life and mission in the church and the world, Pope Francis issued a series of new rulings dealing with formation.

Hungry Venezuelans

Hungry Venezuelans turn to church, which doesn't have enough to help all: SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (CNS) -- Even on the days he lines up hours before the store opens in his neighborhood in Caracas, Venezuela, Ernesto Salazar is not assured he'll be able to buy basic food for his family.

The Importance of Raising a Memorial to a Feast Day

A New Feast of Mercy: For the first time in its two millennial history, the Catholic Church celebrates  St. Mary Magdalene with a Feast, which is an important manifestation of the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. She was a Memorial.  She will be known as Apostle to the Apostles.

Reflections of a senior priest -- Father Joseph K. Fagan

Reflections of a senior priest -- Father Joseph K. Fagan: I was ordained to the priesthood on June 7, 1967. For this, I give credit to my family, schools, and parish community at St. Augustine's in South Boston, which influenced me early on to be drawn to the priesthood.

A Prophecy

The prophetess spoke:  "Women of the United States awaken, come before me and bow your heads reverently and ask for your country to be saved.  Embolden your tongue before your God and man.  Be as astute as Esther was, and long for freedom.  Freedom from all the capital vices of this country.  Freedom from the winnowing cry of your people in the darkened room of fear.  Freedom from the tyrannical rule upon which the course is being set.  I love you and want to see you free to love and honor me.  You must first gird yourself with prayer and fasting.  Then it is time, as holy women to step forth and save your country.  Do not read these words and turn away.  Do not read and forget them.  Stand up and be women who will save your race.  Man times I have called you to pray for your country and many times you have prayed.  But woe, woe to you who do not heed my voice and awaken your sleeping land.  You are about to see the slaughter and I your God would like to protect you from it.  Yo…

Archdiocese Appointments

Archdiocese announces leadership and parish appointments: BRAINTREE -- Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley announced July 18 a series of leadership and parish appointments. Follow the link to see the list.

Tastes Change

What is it that makes our taste change?  Maturity?  Finally sick of seeing the same thing?

I'm referencing movies and books.  When I was about 20, I absolutely loved the movie Lawrence of Arabia.  I sat through it twice, when I first saw it.  Then I kept bringing friends to see it.  Once I learned that Lawrence of Arabia was about T. E. Lawrence, I wanted to get his book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which he wrote to record his experiences.  This is way before Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.  I went to a local bookstore and found it among the rare books.  I forgot how much it was but it was an exorbitant amount because it was considered rare.  I couldn't read it; it was over my head and thus boring to me.

About thirty years after first encountering Lawrence of Arabia, I watched it again.  I fell asleep.  How could I ever have been so enthralled by it?

The same is true with the book Gone with the Wind.  Upon first reading it in my twenties, I wanted to be Scarlett.  She was beautif…

Loose Cannon

Yes, I've been called a loose cannon. So?  Is that supposed to be a detriment?  Wasn't Jesus Christ a loose cannon?  Some thought so.  Wasn't Peter, the first pope?

It's a vacuous concept.  Does it mean I'm a psycho?  Hellion?  Troublemaker?  Unpredictable?
I don't think so at all.  My friends don't either.  Does it mean I'm always ready to jump in and help?  Passionate?  Give my all?  Aggressive?  Excuse me, but I think these are positive attributes.

You know what?  Maybe the person who called me a "loose cannon" was projecting himself.  Now there's a new definition of "loose cannon:" someone who spontaneously stamps a label on a person who challenges them!

Neocatechumenal Way Co-founder Carmen Hernandez Dies at 85

Neocatechumenal Way co-founder Carmen Hernandez dies at 85: Madrid, Spain, Jul 19, 2016 Carmen Hernandez, co-founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, died today at home in Madrid, Spain. She was 85 years old.

Hernandez, along with Kiko Arguello andFr. Mario Pezzi, made up the international team responsible for the ecclesial movement, which focuses on post-baptismal adult formation. It is estimated that the movement contains about 1 million members, in some 40,000 parish-based communities around the world.

Express Your Outrage

A CALL TO ACTION! On July 8, the Democratic Platform Committee took a radical pro-abortion position in the draft platform. It calls for:
A. The promotion of abortion as a “core value” of Americans.
B. The repeal of the Hyde and Helms amendments prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for abortions.
C. The repeal of reasonable safety regulations for the abortion industry.
Thus, the party has moved from a position of “safe, legal, and rare” to “unlimited and state-supported."
We are asking you to express your outrage in as many social media outlets as possible. Unless you speak out, the media and the party will not take notice!
So send out your personal message on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. Emphasize the stupidity of this move, or quote US Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who responded: “That’s crazy!”
Say things like: "Have you seen the Democratic Platform on abortion? Radically out of the mainstream! Are they crazy? Are they trying to run off voters?" Use the hashtags ‪#‎thatsc…

Angels with Sickles and God's Fury

Angels with Sickles and God's Fury: There's a haunting text in the Book of Revelation where poetic image, for all its beauty, can be dangerously misleading. The author there writes:

Politics and the court

Politics and the court: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg caused quite a stir this month by saying what was on her mind about Donald Trump to the New York Times.
A Semblance of Guilt by Claudia Reiss is a true mystery. 
How in the world does your good friend turn on you so fast?  And why?  Nevermind that she’s found dead and you’re the chief suspect!  This is the precise situation, our heroine, Ellen Davis finds herself.
“Do you have any idea why we’re here, Ellen—may I call you Ellen?” Pete inquired, fixating somewhere over her left shoulder. “Is it something to do with Sophia? She said some terrible things to me tonight, untrue things.” Ellen was fighting back the tears. She did not want to bawl, not now, not in front of them. “It’s everything to do with Sophia,” Hurley answered, leaning forward. “She’s been murdered. You may have been the last guest to see her alive.”
This is the crime Ellen Davis is accused of in A Semblance of Guilt by Claudia Reiss, the lauded author of Stolen Light and Reclining Nude.  Reiss once again has wrapped suspense and intrigue into a romantic mystery.  Ellen is newly divorced, which means she’s open to a new romance. …

99 Cents!

Yes!  That's right.   A 99¢ EBOOK SALE! For Semblance of Guilt by Claudia Riess.  It runs July 1-31, 2016

Churches In Pokemon Go Craze

A priest at a nearby shrine was complaining about the people playing Pokemon Go, on the property.  He was concerned about the damage done to the grounds.  I hope he changes his attitude and uses this opportunity to evangelize.

If the priests came out of their house, dressed as priests and walked the grounds of the shrine to engage the Pokemon Go players in conversation, maybe they'd make some friends.  And who knows where friendship will lead?

Churches among those swept up in Pokemon Go craze: ST. LOUIS (CNS) -- Since its release in the United States July 6, Pokemon Go has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. In the first week, the mobile game attracted nearly 21 million users.

The Gift of Retrocognition

A Matter of Time by Michael J. Bowler  is a new novel that will grab you.  Mystery and history are intertwined in a work that gets into your head and heart.  Jamie is a writer with a gift of retrocognition.  Jamie dreams he’s a radio operator on the Titanic.  His dreams are real.  Besides being on the Titanic, Jamie’s blood or rather Jack’s,( who is Jamie on the Titanic) is being sucked out by a vampire.  Without the vampire, Jamie would just have shoved his dreams to the back of his mind.  However, when Jamie can’t stand the sun and is getting weaker and weaker, and when the sun goes down, he’s revitalized, he realizes that his dreams are more than dreams.
Jamie is blessed with friends who believe in him, parents who love him, and a teacher who also believes.  Jamie is  honest, hardworking, smart, and talented.  He wouldn’t make up a cockamamie story; that would be out of character. 
Jamie realizes he has to try to go back and get on the Titanic to get rid of the vampire and hopefully…