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Fast is not Better

Today I found this in my email box.  So I am doing what Nicole asks--sharing.  Looks like a good resource, doesn't it.  Thank you, Nicole!
First off, I came across your site and wanted to say thanks for providing a great health resource to the community.

I thought you would enjoy this interactive infographic which details the dangers fast food has on the body. It will be helpful to persuade anyone trying to cut out fast food out of their diet to visually understand the toll it can take on your body:

Naturally, I’d be delighted if you share this embeddable graphic on , or share on social. Either way, keep up the great work Faith!

All the best,

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Bitter or Better

You know why I love the story of Joseph, in the Bible?  It's because of Joseph's attitude.  The bad doesn't get him down.  Well, he's human, so when bad things happened to him, he must have been thrown for a loop--but not for long.

The story begins with Joseph's brothers throwing him in a deep pit.  They were going to leave him there to die, but they took advantage of a passing caravan and sold Joseph to them, as a slave.  And you know what that means when you're a young teenager!  While working as a slave, a woman lies about Joseph and gets him thrown in jail.  (Take heart my "cloistered brothers," Joseph was blessed by God while incarcerated.)    God gave Joseph the gift of interpreting dreams.  He was so good at it that the King heard of it.  Joseph interpreted the King's dream.  He was released from jail.  Eventually, he was given a high responsible job. It was because of this job that he was able to help his brothers.  (Yes, those mean, cru…

My Hero

The want ad should read, "Wanted A Hero/someone to keep the snakes out of the Garden of Eden."
Well, who put them there in the first place?  God did, because He wanted to be freely loved and chosen, by Adam and Eve. Obedience is done willingly when love is the foundation of one's actions.  Adam and Eve were disobedient.  They could have called out to God, Who is everywhere.  "Help?"  "What do You Think?"  But they didn't.  They also, never said they were sorry.
Worse, I'm particularly disappointed in Adam.  He was right there.  He was created first and should have been the first to show initiative.  He did nothing to defend Eve.  He did nothing to protect her.  He said and did nothing.  A real hero would have defended his bride from the snake.  He would have given his life for her.  
Then along comes Jesus to right this wrong.  My kind of Hero. He gives Himself completely.  I cannot make up for that original sin.  No one can, except Jesus.  Je…

War Interrupts Life

I stepped into a different world, when I started reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  The setting is nothing like my life, nor anything I have the imagination to conjure.  The title comes from the Biafran flag because the story revolves around the Biafran war.

The story is told by a few people: Ugwu, Olanna, and Richard.  They are not the only major characters, but the author chose them to tell the story.  The setting is the Nigerian-Biafran war, 1967-1970.  The reader quickly picks up the ethnic struggles between the various tribes and the political/economic differences felt by the populace.

I learned history and enjoyed a good story.  The romance between Olanna and Odenigbo, Kainene and Richard and Ugwu's loves, are truly sensitive and real.  Olanna and Kainene are twins but are very different.  Kainene considers herself the less pretty one, but she is the business minded one.  She seems to be the most emotionally strong and healthy, although her situation…

My Triduum

Sorry I haven't posted, these last few days.  It's an understatement to say I've been busy.  It's been exhilarating and soulful.  I spent Holy Thursday in the prison with my "cloistered brothers."  My catechumen showed up.  Phew!  And he did have his feet washed. The Holy Spirit is working!  My Spanish brothers played the music, so it was different than I'm used to.  Moving!

Good Friday found me at the Soup Kitchen. I worked at Cor Unum in South Lawrence, MA.  I bussed.  It's just like a restaurant.  The customers don't have a meal choice, it was fish, potatoes and broccoli, but everything else was a choice and as much as they want: water, coffee, tea, milk, juice (orange or cranberry), chowder or salad or both, cake or bread pudding (The best I've ever had.)  This was supper.  Cor Unum also serves breakfast and lunch.  It is also opened every day of the year!!

Holy Saturday I was at the prison again.  This time, the choir was the Bethany cho…

God's Participation

Have you ever noticed how that original sin morphed so quickly into murder?  From disobedience and pride, we next get fratricide.  Wow, that was fast!  I imagine along with Cain's murdering Abel, must have been anger,envy and pride.  Away from the love in the Garden of Eden is real sin--murder.

But God helps us.  He gave Adam and Eve clothes to hide their nakedness.  He gave Abel a mark to protect him.  Even when everyone was wicked, God protected Noah.

The next time someone asks where is God, remember that He is there with us in the suffering.  He will help you.  A few days ago, Brussels had a terrorist attack.  God suffers with us.  Let us trust God.  He will help.

Small World

A few days ago, I posted a narrative prose poem entitled, The Ragman.  I read this poem to my poetry class.  When I finished the teacher said, "That man was my grandfather."  And she wasn't kidding.  We come from the same town, so she knew exactly whom I was talking about.

I didn't write anything mean.  It was just not an attractive picture.  After all, the man frightened me.

But still.

How embarrassing!

Prayer for the Pastoral Plan Writing Team

Heavenly Father, we the people of St. Mary’s
Catholic Church praise and thank You for calling
us to be Your People. Pour down Your grace and
mercy upon our parish.
Lord Jesus, we offer our prayers for the
administrators of our parish, in particular for the
Parish Writing Team composing a pastoral
plan for St. Mary’s parish.
Almighty and ever living God, we ask Your
blessings on the planning process to prepare our
parish to do Your Will as they form guidelines
to manage the needs of St. Mary’s.  Help them
to work together to understand how to meet the
needs of the parish.

We pray for our priests, for our parish ministries;
for our families, our youth, the sick, the lonely,
and the elderly.  We pray for the needs of all
our parishioners, and for our own special intentions.

My Husband

This morning I read a poem, The Hockey Poem, by Robert Bly.  It reminded me of my husband, a hockey fan and former goalie coach.  As the poet describes the goalie's movements, I could picture my husband, not only performing the same actions, and teaching the same, but more  how his personality is a perfect fit for the position of a hockey goalie.  He is part of the action, yet apart.  He's not in the thick of it, but he's definitely in it.  He's alert to everything.  He's got your back.  You don't have to worry, he's in the net.

This picture of a poster was given to him by the Narducci family, when hubby was coaching goal, at Medway High School.  It's a caricature of the coach yelling contradictory commands to the goalie.  Let me correct that, "seemingly contradictory."  It seems that way because the coach is telling the goalie "to come out", yet "get back", "slide left-slide right", etc.  Such is the position of…

Two Questions

Do you remember when Pope Francis came to the USA he refused the limousine that is reserved for dignitaries and insisted on riding in a Fiat?

Didn't today's story in the Gospel where Jesus rode on an ass, remind you of that?  John 12:12-19

God in Others

Reading scriptures we know that we find God in our fellow human beings.  I find this hard.  And I try.  But when I look at some derelict, homeless, alcoholic bum, I recoil.  God is in that thing?  Where?  In the foul smelling mouth?  In the urine smell?  In the flies?  How?

I think I've been looking at the wrong thing.  Instead of focusing on specifics, I think I should be considering situations, e.i., homelessness, sickness, poverty, humbleness, rejection.

Jesus was in all these situations.  I think that's what is meant.  We should see the situation our fellow humans are in, not at their toothless gums.

Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers, what's the difference?  I say it's attitude.  "If you think you can and he thinks you can't--you're both right.  The result depends on your approach.  Two people in the same situation react differently because of attitude.  It's how you look and see the same situations.

Winners learn from mistakes, so in a way, they never completely lose.  They always come away with something.  Losers never see anything to learn.  They are overly focused on failure and get down.  Life is about choices and attitude.

Winners will seek change for the better; losers don't change.  Winners move on; losers don't.

Leprechaun Day

My granddaughter told me that tomorrow is Leprechaun Day.  I said, "You mean St. Patrick's Day?"  "No, my teacher called it Leprechaun Day."

What's this?  What's this world coming to?  Tomorrow we celebrate St. Patrick's conversion of Ireland to Christianity.  What would Leprechaun Day celebrate?

I think the wee folks are playing a trick on these politically correct teachers who won't say out loud the noun, "saint."  It's called separation of church of state.  Those leprechauns are wily creatures.  Don't trust them.  They make fools out of you.

The Ragman

“I’m gonna sell ya to the Ragman for a nickel.”  I knew my dad was only teasing me, but just in case, whenever I saw or heard the Ragman, I’d head for the woods.  I didn’t want to take any chances. As soon as I heard his tired song, “Rags.  Rags for sale.”  my heart dropped to my stomach, a quick look to ascertain the situation, (how far along the street he was), then I’d take off at a run towards the woods. That man was scary.  First of all, he rode in a wagon pulled by a big horse.  This is the 1950’s!  Everyone had cars.  But he used a horse?  Second, I never could understand what he was yelling.  I think it was, “Rags.  Rags for sale.”  I imagined he was speaking a foreign language because he looked like my idea of a foreigner.  He was a skinny bent over wizened old man with a dark, wide-brimmed hat pulled down over his face. I think he had a mustache.  Don’t all bad guys have mustaches?   Third, he had a thin, short whip, which he snapped.  The whip cracked like a shot.  I don’t …


How many martyrs do we not know?  For some reason, this is shocking, to me.  Imagine dying for God and no one knows.  Of course, God knows; but it doesn't seem right that there is no memorial or feast day, to acknowledge the martyr's sacrifice.

What brought on this line of thought?  Pope St. Martin I.  I don't think much is known about him.  He was elected pope in 649, which was a time when he knew he would probably die a martyr.  All the early popes were martyred.  How's that for a job description?  Why would anyone want the job?  There was no money in it.  There was negligible influence.  One would have to have a deep faith and trust in God to accept the position, otherwise, why do it.

When Martin I became pope, the patriarch of Constantinople was the most influential church leader in the world because Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire.  Also, the emperor of the Byzantine empire worked in conjunction with the patriarch.  There was no separation…

Describing God

My previous post is still on my mind.  I still don't get why understanding God is so important.  Theologians have different opinions.  Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to understand God.  To me, they are trying to understand, something not understandable.  I also think that's why the Jews don't name God.  One can't label Him.  He can't be defined, labeled, or named.  Love Him as He is.

That's all I'm going to say about it.  Look in the mirror, if you want to see God.  You are made in His image.  Look at other people; they, also, are made in the image of God.  Do you understand people?
Think about it.

Beatific Vision

There's a new movie out, The Young Messiah.  The discussion surrounding the movie is not whether or not it's a good story, well acted, enjoyable, etc.  The discussion is about whether or not the movie is theologically correct.  Really?  Yes, it seems that the viewer gets the impression that Jesus didn't know He was the Messiah.  He grew into the knowledge.  That's heretical, according to some.  I didn't understand so I entered into discussion with a theologian.

Faith FlahertyWhy would He have to merit it? (Beatific Vision) We didn't merit understanding various concepts, until we were old enough to understand and perhaps handle the knowledge; couldn't Jesus likewise grow into more and more understanding?
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Hide 33 Replies Robert CurtisAccording to John, Jesus was with us in the beginning. Therefore, he would have had that knowledge since the beginning.
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