John's Nativity Story

John's nativity story?  What one?  He didn't write one.  Strange isn't it, since he spent so much time with Mary?

But look at today's Gospel reading: John 20: 1a, 2-8.  Compare it to Luke's nativity story: 2: 1-2.                                

Luke                                                                                   John

Annoucement  --   Jesus born                                           Jesus --  Risen
Herald  --  angels                                                               Mary Magdalene
What do they seek  --  Jesus                                                Jesus
What do they see --  manger                                                 empty tomb
Clothing  --  white swaddling cloths                                     white shroud

Like all believers, death is a birth into eternal life.  That white baptismal robe that was put upon us will become the white pall put over our casket.  Our birth into eternal life will be forever.


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