Father Patrick Joseph Power

This picture shows a fenced in monument.  It is the gravesite of a good priest, Father Patrick Joseph Power.  It is fenced to keep people from chipping away at the monument.  Surrounding the monument, up to the fence is cement or something like that, to keep people from scooping up soil, from Father Power's grave.  People did that before this monument was placed in this part of Holy Cross cemetery in Malden, MA.

In examining Father's brief life, there's nothing extraordinary.  See Charles Radosta's story.  He died young from tuberculosis, age 25. But afterward, miracles started occurring, at his grave site.  As usual at such places, crutches, eye patches, hearing aids, etc. started to accumulate at the gravesite.
People even took soil from around his gravemarker.  His gravestone had a chalice on it and people would scoop out the rain water that had accumulated.  Naturally, the surrounding, neighboring gravesites were trampled over.    

Eventually, Father Power's grave had to be moved, away to a separate location.  This is the picture above.  Now there's a monument instead of the gravestone with a chalice.  But people still come to pray and ask for Father's intercession.

Such was the case with a member of my prayer group.  He visited the site to pray for a friend who has cancer.  However, my friend was cured.  He had a carotid endarterectomy that cleared his carotid arteries, but it affected his neck.  He couldn't turn it to the right side.

Now he can.


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