A T.O.P.S. Christmas Party

T.O.P.S. is an organization that promotes health.  I wrote this skit for our Christmas party.  Note the unhealthy food in the beginning, then I replaced it with some more nutritious options.

Christmas Past versus Christmas Present
Setting:   Silly Samantha’s Christmas party

Characters:  Silly Samantha, Dippy Diane, Zany Zoe, Daffy Dana, Kooky Karen, Narrator

(Door Bell Rings)  (Silly Samantha answers the door.) 

Silly Samantha: Merry Christmas!  Come in, come in.  You know everybody, make yourself at home.  The food is in the dining room.  Help yourself.

Dippy Diane:  Merry Christmas!  I brought my favorite recipe—pecan pie.  I hope you have some ice cream to go with it.

Silly Samantha:  Of course.  My freezer is full of ice cream.  Put the pie with the other desserts.

Dippy Diane:  Oh your pecan pie looks so good.  I haven’t eaten all day so I can eat all I want now, at the party.  I’ll be sure to save room for a big slice of pecan pie and ice cream.

Zany Zoe:  It’s a good thing I wore loose clothes.  I don’t want a belt to restrict my stomach as it expands.

Dippy Diane:  I know what you mean, that’s why I prefer elastic waist bands.  I don’t feel it when I gain weight.

Daffy Dana:  Diane, did you bring your delicious chicken wings?

Dippy Diane:  No.  I didn’t have time to make anything.  I stopped at the bakery and picked up some pastry.

Daffy Dana:  Too bad.  I like your buffalo wings.  I brought the Swedish meatballs in cream sauce.  I hope everyone likes them.

Kooky Karen: I like everything, that’s why I’m sitting closest to the food table.

Silly Samantha:  Come eat.  Help yourselves.  There’s enough for seconds, thirds, etc.

Dippy Diane:  Leave room for my pecan pie with ice cream.

Zany Zoe: There’s also death by chocolate, caramel pie, and Boston cream pie.

Daffy Dana:  Try the Swiss Cheese fondue, too.

Kooky Karen:  I made the chili with venison.

Silly Samantha:  And we have plenty to drink: egg nog, Irish coffee, mulled cider, beer and some hard liquor.

Kooky Karen:  I’m already working on my seconds.

Narrator:  Everyone overate. They were actually sick the next day.  Nobody felt good about themselves.  In fact, come New Year’s they all resolved to get healthy, and that included eating healthy and fitting some exercise into their daily routine.  They joined TOPS.  And they attended regularly.  They learned how to eat nutritiously; they exercised, picked up some healthy eating tips, and made some new friends who supported each other in changing their lifestyles.  Take a look at Samantha’s Christmas party this year.

(Door Bell Rings)  ( Samantha answers the door.)  Merry Christmas!  Come in, come in.  You know everybody, make yourself at home.  Walk around and socialize. 

Diane:  Merry Christmas!  I brought a new healthy dessert.  It’s chocolate cake with chocolate-orange sauce.  I swapped applesauce for butter and used nonfat cream cheese.

Samantha:  That sounds wonderful.  Please put the pie on the table with the fruit.  Fruit is considered a dessert, too.

Diane:  Oh your chocolate cake looks so good.  I may take a piece home because I don’t think I’ll have room for dessert.  I ate an apple just before coming to this party, so I wouldn’t fill up on junk.  Although Samantha is serving only healthy foods.

Zoe:  Do you like my new outfit?  Since I’ve lost so much weight, I delight  in wearing form fitting clothes.

Diane:  Yes, you look fantastic.

Dana:  Diane what did you do to your chicken wings.  They taste better than ever.

Diane:  I baked them for an hour, basting with honey mustard twice.

Karen:  They look delicious and will go perfectly with the garden salad, I made.

Zoe:  Chicken wings, salad, and chocolate cake for dessert.  What more could anyone want?

Dana:  Plus we have a vegetable dip.

Diane:  And for beverages, we have coffee, tea, and of course water.

Samantha:  This is turning out to be the best Christmas party we’ve ever had!


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