A Church Full of Sinners

Aleteia has an article which reminded me of an incidence with the mother of a friend.  The article is about people criticizing Catholics as "bad" people:

Renaissance cardinals who have mistresses
Catholic mobsters
Catholics are drunkards
Catholic girls are "loose"
Catholic boys are petty criminals

Yet, these "bad" Catholics wear large crucifixes around their necks and have statues of Mary on their front lawn.

The author, David Mills, converted to Catholicism essentially because of people with "logs in their eyes."  (Matt 7: 5)  His former religion had its share of "bad" people, also, but they didn't acknowledge it.

Anyway, I remember my own Protestant friend had a mother who was very anti-Catholic.  We were discussing this very fact.  People go to church to straightened out their lives.  Don't sick people go to doctors to get well?  Well, spiritually sick people go to church to get well.

However, there's a joke that builds on this idea:

I don't go to church.   
It's full of sinners!

She didn't get it.


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