Don't Step on my Tradition

Same ezine, two references, but their views are different.  I'm talking about Aleteia.  Today is the Memorial of the Presentation of Mary.  I pay attention to this feast because for four years I went to  a high school which was named Presentation of Mary Academy -- PMA.

This is the day Catholics celebrate Mary's presentation in the temple, dedicating her to God, by her parents.  Because Mary was obedient, many religious people make their vows and promises on this day.  It is called Pro Orantibus Day.

Then in the same ezine, is an article by Br. Silas Henderson, S.D.S. who makes a big deal that this presentation may never have happened.  Br. Silas claims that only the apostle James mentions it.  This presentation of girls is not found anywhere else.  Only James tells the story of Anne and Joachim presenting Mary in the temple in a text known as the Protoevangelium.  But I always understood the Protoevangelium to be called the First Gospel, meaning Genesis 3:15.  There the story of creation and the fall begin the events leading up to the birth of Christ.  

Since the early Christians, this memorial has been celebrated.  It is part of Catholic tradition, maybe not Tradition, meaning we must believe, but it is part of our celebratory remembrances that is rich in meaning.  And I don't like Br. Silas belittling something near and dear.  


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