Bad Start

It's not good.  It started when I arrived at church early to change the table cloth in the prayer room.  The door downstairs was locked.  OK, I went around, up all the stairs, into the main church.  I walked all the way through the church, down the back stairs, all the way through the downstairs chapel, through Sacred Heart Hall to the prayer room.  The door was locked.  The connecting door to the next room was locked.  Lord???

OK.  I walked back through Sacred Heart Hall, the chapel, and up the back stairs.  I was reading at the 7:30 Mass.  I opened my pocketbook to take out my reading glasses.  They weren't there.  Lord???

I reasoned that I did know my reading.  After all, I had practiced reading it all week.  I even did a Lectio Divina on it.  But it was the announcements and prayer of the faithful that I couldn't see to read.  What if my fellow lector didn't show up?  But she did.  Thank you, Lord. Katie read everything except my Second Reading.

No altar servers showed up.  Lord?

Katie and I did double duty, serving as lectors and acolytes. It was fine until the very end.  We looked at the recessional cross and then Katie said, I don't think I can lift it out of its stand.  "But the kids, do."  "Then you carry it."  I thought about it.  Lord?  No one carried it; we went without.

Two of our breakfast group couldn't come.  I was alone.  Lord?  But two were left so we went to Bay Leaf Crossing for breakfast.  It was good, too.  Thank you, Lord.


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