Disapointed in gods of Tango

The novel, The gods of Tango by Carolina de Robertis was surprisingly disappointing.  It's on many best sellers' list.  It's highly recommended on Amazon and Goodreads.  Upon reflection though I think I know why.  I speculate that the lesbian communities are reading and praising this novel.  It has highly detailed, graphic, lesbian, sex scenes.  Not my thing.  Anytime I come across explicit sex in a novel I suspect that the author is using sex as a selling gimmick.

The story line of a female posing as male isn't new, even Shakespeare uses it.  But the ad nauseum detail that de Robertis used was tedious and just not believable.  When the guys urinate together and Dante, the main character, doesn't because he's shy may work once, but not continuously.  Or dressing together.  Or brothel hopping together.  Or bathing--swimming--disrobing...


How come no one question the lack of hair on Dante's body, no Adam's apple, no beard...

I guess sex makes up for credibility?

The story line that gives the novel its title, "the tango," was interesting at first.  But the author's trying to convince the readers of its hypnotic, seductive and addictive nature became tedious.  I was just bored by it.  And generally, I was just bored by the entire book.


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