Getting a Tattoo in Jerusalem

Aleteia has a good article on getting a tattoo in Jerusalem.  Think old time sailors getting an ear pierced the first time they crossed the equator.  Or a marine getting the marine insignia when he's made it out of boot camp.

Not me.  I don't think of either of those benchmarks.  Tattoos to me mean Nazi's tattooing Jews in concentration camps, or Castro tattooing "undesirables" and sending them to the USA, so they'd be identified and wouldn't be allowed back into Cuba.

My frame of reference has bad connotations.

Besides, I know for a fact that I'd change my mind and wish I'd gotten a different tattoo, or no tattoo.  Look at how I regretted bleaching my hair, getting all those ear piercings, plucking my eyebrows away, etc.


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