Blessing Yourself Before Swimming

Back in the day, we all did it.  At least, all Catholics did this.  Before entering the water, not bath, but pools, lakes, ponds, and the ocean, we bent down to dip our fingers in the water and blessed ourselves--in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  A prayer to the Trinity to unite ourselves to God and protection from harm (drowning).  So I was not surprised that Katie Ledecky prays.  She's not being overly devotional, just smart.

World record-holder swimmer still says 'a prayer -- or two -- before any race': WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Four years ago, at age 15, swimmer Katie Ledecky won Olympic gold in the women's 800-meter freestyle. Since then Ledecky, who attended Catholic schools in Bethesda, Maryland, has


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