Story About Joe

The other day I heard the funniest story about my friend, Joe.  Joe lives downtown in one of the houses he owns.  He is an elderly man in his late 80's.  He's retired and lives a peaceful, routine--happy life.  His day begins with his walking to daily Mass, eating breakfast, walking to the town library, reading the newspaper in the library, sitting outside on the library's bench on Main Street and watching the world go by.

One day as Joe is sitting on the bench, a stranger drives up in his car, stops, and hands Joe a little bag.  The man gets back in his car and drives off.  Joe opens the bag and inside
is a sandwich.  Joe doesn't know what to think, never mind what to do.  But after awhile, he eats the sandwich.

Another day, another sandwich.

It happens again--and again.

Then comes the day when a mutual friend of ours is in Dunkin Donuts.  He is friends with the man who's been giving Joe the sandwiches, but he doesn't know about the sandwiches.  But he does see his friend buying a sandwich.  To make light conversation he says to his friend, "I thought you were on a diet."  The man responds, "Oh, it's not for me.  It's for the homeless old man who sits on the library's bench."


No more sandwiches for Joe.


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