The other night I was the last to leave my women's club meeting.  It was abut 9:15 PM.  I was carrying an armful.  My pocketbook was hanging on my shoulder and my hand on that arm was carrying a coffee pot.  My other arm and hand carried a bag with stuff that went with the coffee pot--extension, creamer, sugar, stirrers, and two prizes I had won in the raffle.

I walked slowly and carefully.  I plopped everything on the hood of my car.  "Whew! Made it."  Then I searched in my pocketbook for my car keys.  But when I pushed the unlock button I didn't hear anything or see the lock pop up.  I pressed again.  And again.  Huh?  I wondered if it needed a battery.  I tried the key in the door's lock.  No way would it go in.  I pressed unlock and nothing.  Maybe if I pressed lock and then unlock.

I did.  I pressed "lock."  Just then I heard a beep--from across the street.  I looked.  There was my car across the street all lit up from my pressing every button on my gadget.

All this time I had been trying to get in Father Jack's car.


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