Locked Out

Sometimes mistakes are fun.  That's what happened today.  This morning my grandchildren and I were alone in the house.  It was beautiful today.  We were going outside to play.  My oldest went out the door first and left it open.  The baby and I went out next and closed the door.  "Oh-oh.  "

I just knew the door locked behind us.  "Oh, no."  My phone is locked inside the house.  My car keys, likewise.

Luckily, it was beautiful outside.  There was no wind to chill us.  It was a perfect day.  We played on the swingset.  We climbed and played inside the tree house.  We picked flowers and pinecones.  We are trying to toilet train the baby but I couldn't and she kept pulling at her pants like they were uncomfortable.  There was nothing I could do about it.

I knew that grandpa was coming in a couple of hours with lunch.  We had no choice but to wait.  When he did come, we hungry kids took the lunch and ate it in the tree house, while Grandpa went to Mama's work for the house key.  It was fun eating in the tree house.  That was my first time!

Afterwards, during the baby's nap, we painted rocks for the garden.  The air was perfect for drying.  We could paint the rocks, and in ten minutes we could decorate them.  And even if I'm saying it myself, we did a good job.  See.

Sometimes making a mistake works out better than the plans we had.


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