I love John Allen.  I loved him more when he was with the Globe, but I love him still.  I was reading Crux, the Knights of Columbus' independent Catholic news site, where John Allen is editor and read his article, http://www.cruxnow.com/church/2016/04/17/in-italy-goliard-style-blasphemy-rides-again/   where I learned that goliards were bum clergy who mocked the church and went around holding blasphemous ceremonies.  Their lifestyle was sheer depravity and they reveled in it.

They were around in the medieval era.  It seems that some men of noble families, who weren't first born were sent off to be priests when they really didn't have a vocation.  They had nothing else to do.  They must have thought they were pretty smart and showed off their knowledge and humor and mocked what the populace considered sacred.  They must have thought they were above all that.

Anyway, it's back.  It seems that in Italy, as many as 60 people have been holding parodies of religious ceremonies.  The police have arrested them for offenses against religious laws.  The accused did it out in the open.  It was even advertised on facebook.

Why do people mock what others consider sacred?  Do they think that proves that they're smarter?  Do they think it's funny?


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