Almost a Priest

This is a busy weekend for me.  Since I don't have any obligatory services to do, I thought I'd go to the last Mass on Saturday, so I'd have two completely free days of "no demands," i.e., Sunday and Patriot's Day.  At the 7:30 PM Mass, I saw a familiar face walk down the aisle dressed as in priest vestments.  It was Matt Conley
.  I know him from prison ministry.  And I didn't  know he was a priest.  I picked up the bulletin and read that he was a transitional deacon.  A transitional deacon is a breath away from being a priest.  In fact, Matt gave the homily and he mentioned that in one more month he would be ordained a priest.

His homily was good, too.  He talked about Amoris Laetitia.  He told the congregation to read it.  (It's 255 pages of theological/pastoral directions.)  But you know, I probably will read it because my "cloistered brothers" read that kind of stuff.  They'll want to discuss it.  He tied the pope's exhortation to the Gospel, John 10: 27-30.  Marriages need Jesus in the center.  That's what Amoris Laetitia is all about and that's what the Good Shepherd does.  Follow the Shepherd.


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