Glowing in the Dark

My granddaughter and I have tea and dessert, after school.  This afternoon, she spilled her tea on her dress.  It just so happened that I had bought her a Halloween tee shirt and gave it to her to put on.  The front of the shirt had a huge jack-o-lantern on it.  There was a sticker on the shirt that stated, "Glows in the dark."  When Daddy came to pick my granddaughter up, I noted that he picked off that sticker.

Fast forward a few hours, and I'm going into the prison for study-group.  I have to go through a security check, just like people do at the airport.  When being searched, the correctional officer asked me if I glow in the dark.

Immediately, I knew what happened.  The "Glows in the dark" sticker was stuck on my back.

Very funny.


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