Our Lady of the Grand Tetons

I think you will laugh at this.  While we were touring Grand Teton National Park, we came to a chapel--a log cabin chapel.  It really was impressive.  The chapel also had a breathtaking view of a lake.  The inside was none too shabby, either.

The chapel was originally named Our Lady of the Grand Tetons but the congregation found out that Tetons was Indian for "breasts."  They didn't think Grand Breasts was appropriate for their place of worship so they changed the name to Sacred Heart Chapel.

Everything was made out of wood, except the windows, of course.  They had one fabulous stained glass window above the altar.  The stations of the cross were little circles distributed on the walls.
And even the ambo was rustic.  See how it's made out of small cuts of logs.

I felt very comfortable praying here.


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