Not Smarter Than The Average Bear

When we were hiking in Yellowstone, we had to be escorted by park rangers, a few times.  There were quite a few bear sightings.  So we thought we would invest in a can of "bear spray."  It's a good thing that we were given instructions on how to use it, because I thought it was similar to insect spray--I spray it on myself, to repel bears.  It's the opposite.

It's a weapon, like mace.  It's to be  used on an attacking bear.  You spray it at the bear to keep him away.

This reminded me of the joke about the man who saw a bear coming at him, so he prayed to God.  Guess what.  The bear stopped charging.  He knelt down.  The man thought it was divine providence.  However, the bear blessed himself and said, "Bless me O God, and these thy gifts, which I am about to receive.  Amen."


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