I Forgive You

It's late September, after all.  There should be a chill in the air.  But 52 degrees!  I had to wear a jacket for the first time in months!  That's why my rosary beads were stolen.

Here's the story.  I wasn't used to wearing a jacket, so I wasn't used to checking the jacket's pockets.  I was going through security at the prison and forgot.  The door opened and I was just about to step through the doorway when I remembered.  One pocket had a packet of tissues.  The other pocket had my rosary beads.  However, the beads were in a little purse that may have looked like a change purse.

I couldn't take the time to go outside to go get money, to pay for a locker, to put in the rosary and tissue packet.  So I just put them on the top of the bank of lockers.  When I came back out, only the packet of tissues were there.

Obviously, all the thieves aren't on the inside.

Somebody probably just snatched the purse and took off.  Later, what did they think when they saw there was no money, just prayer beads?  I hope they feel guilty and obligated for the rest of their life to pray the rosary.

But realistically, they probably just threw them away.  May God forgive them.  I do.


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