A Warning

Last night, I finished unpacking.  I found a little piece of paper I had saved.  On our flight to Yellowstone, on the plane, we found this warning on a tiny piece of paper stuck on the seat.  My son in law just laughed and was going to throw it out, but I saved it.  I knew it would make a good blog post.  The slip of paper said:

Something to think about.  Have you noticed how violence and lawlessness have drastically increased not only in our country but all over the World?  Every night on the News we hear about brother against brother, rioting and killing in the streets and schools, wars and rumors of wars, famines, plagues, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.  Moral decline has hit a new low and keeps getting worse.  (OVER) -- [It was a tiny slip of paper.  On the other side was written:]

Knowledge and travel are increasing.  We are lovers of ourselves, wanting to look better than we do.  The Bile, God's Word, states these are signs that the end of time is near.  Read Isaiah 13: 6-13, Isaiah 24, Ezekiel 7:5-27, Daniel 12:4, Matthew 24, Luke 21:25-26, II Timothy 3: 1-5; Rev. 11:13.  Read all of John and Romans for a way out of the dilemma.  Also see Luke 11:9.

So what do you think?  Will someone ignorant of the Word be converted?  I doubt it, but maybe it's worth a shot.  Although, if someone was ignorant of the Word they wouldn't know how to look up the references, so the message is lost.  But then again, what if......?

I know that when I was looking at the fumerals and mud pools and devasted landscape at Yellowstone, the Apocalypse came to mind.  But I'm in the choir, most people aren't.  So how do you reach those ignorant of God?


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