Divine and Human Mercy

So I open my Liturgy of the Hours book to find, "A Sermon by Saint Caesarius of Arles," on Divine and Human Mercy.  How's that for a Godincidence!  (See yesterday's post on a Year of Mercy.)

Bishop Caesarius asks "How can a man ask for himself what he refuses to give to another?  If he expects to receive any mercy in heaven, he should give mercy on earth.  Do we all desire to receive mercy?  Let us make mercy our patroness now, and she will free us in the world to come.  Yes, there is mercy in heaven, but the road to it is paved by our merciful acts on earth.   ...Show mercy, then, while you are on earth, and mercy will be shown to you in heaven."

I link mercy to kindness.  I will try to be kinder.  The trick is how my "cloistered brothers" are to show mercy in an environment that views mercy as weakness, and weak is not what is safe nor smart to be.  They will need God's grace.  Please pray for my "cloistered brothers."


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