The Future

I've just come up for air.  The pollen is doing a job on me.  Yesterday, I was so tired.  I fell asleep three or four times during the day, and when I was awake I was very grouchy.  My eyes were itchy and tired.

I've just gotten to my computer, now.  Not that I couldn't before, I just didn't feel like it.  I didn't want to use my eyes.  I didn't want to read anything.  But now that I'm better I was watching a Youtube video of Mons. Paul Tighe talk about the future of the Church in 2025.

Of course, the future is speculative, but I like what he was saying.  Mons. Tighe thinks social media will help with relationships.  News will be spread not by sitting alone in a chair watching to news.  You'll get it tweeted or instant messaged.  The real and the virtual will enhance each other.

Sounds good to me.  There will be less proselytizing and more sharing. Our relationships will grow and so will community.  Always remember to be encouraging and supporting.

The hope and joy of Jesus will always be relevant.  


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