Prison is a State of Mind

Drawing by MEK

Blessed Jean Joseph Lataste used to tell the prisoners that nuns in convents lived like them, e.i., got up to bells, went to bed with bells, had to ask permission, ate what was given, and could never leave the premises.  Yet the inmates were miserable because they were in prison.  Yet,  the nuns were happy.  The difference is attitude.

The nuns chose to go behind the wall.  They praise God all day and count their blessings.  Whereas, prison inmates are put behind walls.

If only the inmates could turn to praising God and counting their blessings, they'd be happy even in prison.

Sister Confida has a lot in common with Blessed Jean Joseph Lataste.  Sister thought her convent walls were a prison and she was unhappy.  So she asked for a vacation.  Sister Confida and two other nuns went to Vermont.  One morning Sister was making coffee and in a cup she found a mouse.  She carried it outside.  Once outside, Sister put the mouse in an empty flower pot.  She watched the mouse for awhile and realized that it must be hungry.  She went to the kitchen and brought the mouse a handful of cheerios and dropped them into the pot.  The mouse loved them.  He'd pick one up and hold it in his front paws and ravenously nibble the cheerio.  He was standing on his hind legs and looking up at Sister.  She felt that he was thanking her.  He looked so grateful.  She also realized that he didn't know that he was inside a big flower pot.  He was happy and grateful.  All of a sudden she had an epiphany.  His gratitude made all the difference in his world.  She should be grateful for her blessings instead of thinking herself in a prison.  If only she would appreciate what she had.  Her convent wasn't a prison; it was a flower pot where blessings rained down upon it.


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