Walk for Hunger

Women prisons walking in Cadillac prison
France 1864 (ca)

Can you Help?
On Sunday, May 3, the men at Norfolk State Prison will join in Boston’s annual WALK FOR HUNGER by walking up to 20 miles within the prison confines (that means walking over 140 times the inside perimeter of "the Yard"). This is the 26th year that the men at MCI Norfolk will participate in this worthwhile event. Besides helping those who suffer from hunger, it gives the men an opportunity to reach out to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

Because it is difficult for the men to find sponsors, we are reaching out to the outside community for support. All sponsor donations will be sent to PROJECT BREAD in Boston to help feed those who are hungry and suffer from malnutrition.

If you are willing to sponsor the men for this year’s WALK FOR HUNGER at Norfolk State prison, please make your checks payable to:

Send to: Bethany House Ministries
1049 Main Street
Millis, MA. 02054

Once Bethany House receives all the donations, they will send them directly to Project Bread. If you could forward this email to your friends and communities my brother and I would be grateful.
We know that there are those who read this post and are unable to sponsor with a donation to Project Bread. However we ask you to please pray for our walkers at Norfolk State Prison and for all those who suffer from hunger and malnutrition throughout the world.

For more information you can go to Bethany House Ministries at http://www.bethanyhouseministry.com or call 508-376-9923.
Resiliency is more than bouncing back. It is growing through life. The men in Norfolk Prison whom John reaches are growing through and reaching out. I hope you will understand my request.


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