He Is Risen.

He is truly risen.  Happy Easter!  Today make your consecration.  Before or after Mass today, place yourself in front of the tabernacle and pray this consecration.

My Jesus, I love You with my whole heart.  I soemnly consecrate myself to You through Your Mother, Mary.  I surrender my entire life--everything to You, as my God and King.  Since Your Mother is so dear to You, I also offer her the highest veneration I can.  I ask her to intercede with You when I am unable.  May she bring me close to You.  May she guide me as she guided You.
I ask this of You My Lord and My God, according to Your Will.  Amen.

Don't think that because you have made this consecration, you will become a saint.  You have planted a seed.  You need to grow.  Please make use of the externals--read about Mary, pray through Mary, use prayer ejaculations, use holy water to bless yourself, wear the brown scapular, bless yourself going by a Catholic Church to recognize Jesus in the tabernacle, pray for your deceased loved ones, pray for all the dead as you pass a cemetery, go to frequent confession, wear the Miraculous Medal, wear a crucifix or cross, pray the Rosary, have pictures and statues of Mary and Jesus in your home.  Don't be ashamed to show your devotion and piety.  Think of Jesus' suffering naked on the cross.  How can you not devote yourself to Jesus for the rest of your life?  Mary will help you get to Jesus.  She will bring you to her Son.


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