Winter Blues

It's still snowing.  The snow blower broke today.  The neighbors aren't helping each other, anymore.  I'm sick of shoveling out the hydrant.  Let someone else do it.

I finished reading my library book, today.  I'm out of yarn.  We ate the last piece of American Cheese.

Now what?

Well...I went through my iPhone contacts and gave my friends and family different rings.

I learned how to change my cover page on FaceBook via my iPhone.  Although the size was too big.  It's this picture on the right, and all anyone can see is the icicles.  That's a shame because what I like about the picture is the ONE flower on the cactus contrasted against the icicles.  It's the juxtaposition that I wanted to highlight.

Oh, wait.  I have a Kindle.  I can order books from my Kindle and read immediately.

Hey!  I'm all set.


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