Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Today's the day, we bloggers unite on R'Ann's blog, This and That and The Other Thing.  We talk about something (today it's our favorite saint) and put our blog in R'Ann post, so we can read and catch up on what we bloggers did this previous week.

I think everybody must know by now, that my favorite saint, my hero, is Blessed M. Jean-Joseph Lataste, o.p.  I've written enough about him, his spirituality, and I was very blessed to have attended his beatification ceremony.  Deo Gratias.  I try to model my life after his.

Now do you believe how much I love Pere Lataste?  As for my week, here goes:

Monday--Another Prayer Group Tale


Wednesday--Hubby and I went to Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA

Thursday--Following Jesus

Friday--Post about Robert Oscar Lopez.

Saturday--Fairy Tales

If you click on over to This And That And The Other Things, you'll find some more interesting reading.


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