Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

A Brother Tonto Cartoon
with Cappa and Canis

R'Ann and we other bloggers are discussing whether or not we promote our blogs on Facebook.  R'Ann doesn't, not really.  It may come up, but that's not a regular occurrence, for her.  I'm different.  Somewhere along the blogging journey, I set up an automatic link from my The One True Faith blog, to Facebook and Twitter.  It's done automatically.  And that's OK.  I use both this blog and all social media to preach.  My witness is preaching God's love and goodness.  That's how I see it.

This is what God love and goodness did this week:

Monday -- Book Review

Tuesday -- I went to hear Father Timothy Radcliffe give a Talk.

Wednesday -- Book Club's luncheon.

Thursday -- A false dichotomy.

Friday -- Catholics worshipping statues.

Saturday -- One of my poems.

God's love and goodness abounds.  You can read more at the blog, This That And The Other Thing.

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