Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

Sunday Snippets A Catholic Carnival is a post about my week.  I also link up with other bloggers who do the same, at the blog, This And That and The Other Thing.  Thanks to R'Ann for hosting this link up every Sunday.

R'Ann posted a remembrance regarding a nun she knew.  When people tell their "nun stories" I always think of my St. Martin de Porres story.  Back in the day, I taught the seventh grade in a parochial school.  Whenever we prayed the rosary, we would turn around and face the statue of the "black virgin."  This went on for many years.  One day when I was speaking to Sister Agnes, I happened to mention the "black virgin." Sister asked, "What black virgin?"  I told her the one in my room, on the high shelf above the windows.

She laughed and laughed. "That's not the virgin.  That's St. Martin de Porres."

Let me remind you.  I had been doing this for years.  I taught religion.  I had never heard of St. Martin de Porres.  I was very embarrassed.  In my embarrassed state, I stammered, "Well, how come he's wearing a dress?"

Sister Agnes explained that the dress was a Dominican habit.

What's even funnier, is the fact, that later in life, I became a Lay Dominican!

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