Work as a Gauge to your Spiritual Health

Thanks to Father Kevin's homily this morning, I'm writing about this topic.  

You can tell a person's spiritual health by how they approach their work:

  • They are conscientious workers, giving to Ceasar...(Mark 12:17)
  • Do they steal supplies from work?
  • Do they do the minimum just to get by?
  • Do they gossip about everyone?
  • Are they overly ambitious?
  • Are they fair to all?
Get the idea?  I can see how this survey of work habits could be a gauge for one's spiritual life.  However, I'm not clear how to gauge my own attitude towards work.

I've hated every single job I've ever had.  The reason is because it draws me away from prayer.  I know, I know.  Make work prayer.  How do you make work prayer when your job involves accounting?  One has to focus.

I've tried to do my best.  I've given to Ceasar what is fair.  But I always wished I was born rich and didn't have to work.  Then I could give glory to God by thinking of Him constantly.  I could talk about Him all day!  

So, what's my gauge say?

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