Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

Sunday is almost over and I almost didn't get to post my Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival post.  This post is a weekly link-up with other Catholic bloggers where we summarize our weekly post on R'Ann's blog, This And That And The Other Thing.

First, to answer the question about what I remember from my First Communion.

I'm sorry to say I don't remember much.  Mostly because I met Ricky Jerome.  He followed my sister and me home from First Communion class.  My sister noticed the boy following us, and when I turned around to look, I saw someone jump into the bushes.  That's all.

But the following week in church, he came up and introduced himself.  From then until high school, we were boy friend and girl friend.  That's what I remember from First Communion.

This is what I remember from this week:

Monday --  Advertised for World Communication Day.

Tuesday -- Book Review of The Voyage to Alpha Centauri

Wednesday -- Silliness

Thursday -- Sex sells.

Friday -- The Pope is a compassionate pastor.

Saturday --  Internet Service was out.

Sunday -- Homily inspiration.

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