God's Powerful Love

My "cloistered brothers" and I were discussing the love God has for us.  We were telling some soul searching stories.  One brother said that as much as he wants his freedom, he wants God's love more. He would refuse the freedom, if he could only have one.

This particular "cloistered brother," is ashamed of his past.  He really feels God's love and it's what he lives for.  I can relate.  I told the brothers my story.

One time when one of my children was hospitalized.  (It is particularly alarming to see your child's tiny body attached to a lot of tubes.)  I was praying from the depths of my soul.  I found myself begging God not to take my child's life.  If He wanted a life, I offered mine.  "Take me, spare my child."

Suddenly I was overcome with Love and the understanding that God loves me that much, too.  He sacrificed His life for me, His child.

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