Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Back to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival, thanks to RAnn's This That n the Other Thing.  We blogger's do this every week.  We also answer one question, which is "What am I thankful for?"  So many blessings, thank God, so many.  But I'll single out people.  All the people that surround me, family and friends--even virtual ones, are all a blessing.  Deo Gratias.

Monday -- I blogged about a walk and a joke.

Tuesday -- Why Christ is my king.

Wednesday -- I did a book review on Monk Dawson.

Thursday -- Something happened Wednesday night that really pissed me off.  But Thursday morning I went hiking and my mood turned around.

Friday -- Wither the weather.

It would be fun to look and see what's going on at RAnn's.

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