Impossible Questions

How is one to answer questions like "Why do you love her?"  Any answer is unsatisfactory because it's not comprehensible to the questioner.  If one asked, "Why do you like chocolate?"  The answer, "because it taste good" would be accepted because it is true to the questioner.  But a question like "Why do you love her?", will never be satisfactory because the questioner hasn't experienced what you have.  Consequently, the questioner just doesn't understand it.

Maybe if you answered, "It's not her I love.  It's her money," they could understand that.  But not, "I love her cute lisp."

It's an impossible question.  There is no answer to a question like this one.  Why did you become a nun?  Why did you become a monk?  Why did you become a Lay Dominican?

The true answer, the most meaningful answer, is incomprehensible.  I became a Lay Dominican because as a lay person I wanted to do more for God than I was doing.  And God placed me in the Dominican family.

Why is that so impossible to accept?  Answer that question.

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