The sun got to me.  Yesterday, my friend and I swam, tread water, and just floated for over an hour, at Menauhant Beach.  I think I got sunstroke.

I was wearing a hat, when I was just sitting on the beach.  But I took it off, when I went into the water.  I thought I'd just dunk my head in the water, when I got hot.  I did.  However, the sun reflects off the water, so the sunlight was doubly burning my head.  Since my hair was thin, it was burning my scalp.  Dunking my head, made it worse, because then my wet hair was plastered together in places, and other places bare scalp was exposed.

I felt nauseous all day.  I had a head ache.  My skin felt tight.  The ends of my fingers tinkled.

I couldn't sleep all night, so I'm too tired to see how I feel.

Lord, have mercy.

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