Spiritual Triathlon

Last Sunday, I watched my daughter compete in a triathlon.  She did very well.  She is a very competent swimmer, and an efficient bicyclist, and runner.  She's in excellent physical shape.

You may think this is an odd confluence, but I connected this triathlon of physical events to a different kind of spiritual event--praying.  It is an odd confluence, because there are many ways of praying as there are people.  Just look at last week's Gospel (Luke 10:38-42) about Martha and Mary.  There's two different ways of praying (active and contemplative).  Now look at this week's Gospel (Luke 11: 1-13) where Jesus teaches his disciples to pray to their Father in heaven.  And even in the beginning of this Gospel, the disciples mention that John taught his followers to pray: Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples.

So maybe competing in a spiritual triathlon isn't such a reach.  In fact, when I was thinking over all the different methods of praying, I realized that I compete in a spiritual triathlon every day.  Yes!  I do.

Every morning I pray using Lectio Divina with Liturgy of the Hours with my cup of coffee.  Then I go to Mass.  Before Mass, I pray a rosary.  There, one--two--three.

Lectio Divina



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