Another Argument with self.

Q.  Aren't you suppose to be preparing for confession?
A.  It's too hot.  I can't focus.  My hair is frizzy.

Q.  So?  Stay behind the screen.
A.  I feel miserable.

Q.  Good.  That's the way you should feel.
A.  You're right.  I should prepare to make a good confession.

Q. How long as it been?
A.  Come to think of it.  You're not required to confess venial sins.  And since I haven't committed any mortal sins, I don't have to go.

Q.  Define hubris.
A.  Sigh....  I can't think.

Q.  What about failure to examine your conscience daily?
A.  Oh.

Q.  And you're a Lay Dominican.  Aren't you ashamed?
A.  Sigh.........well, at least the church is air conditioned.

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