Why did Jesus Do It?

Reading The Way of the Cross with St. Catherine of Siena, I come to Jesus dying on the cross.  Catherine asks me, "Do you think nails could have held Him, if He didn't want it to be so?"  And I meditate on her question.

As a child, I envisioned God as deus ex machina, and wanted the Father to come thundering out of the clouds and strike dead all the Roman soldiers, and people who had done this to Jesus.

But as an adult, I see that I am one of the people who did this to Jesus.

We were that soil in which the most holy banner was set.  We became a sort of vessel to receive  the blood of the Lamb, which ran down from the cross.  Why were we that soil?  Because the soil was not sufficient to support the cross erect, rather would it have rejected such injustice.  Neither would a nail have been enough to hold Him, fastened and nailed, if it not for the indescribable love He had for  our salvation had not held Him bound.  So then it was the intense love for the Father's honor and our salvation which kept Him there.  (Letter 102) quoted in The Way of the Cross with St. Catherine of Siena.

Because of God's mercy and love for us, He did this.  I must do likewise.  I must imitate Him.  Lord, help me to be more like You.

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