Vote for These Stone Walls

Dear Reader,

These Stone Walls is a blog by a falsely accused priest who has been in prison, in New Hampshire, for almost twenty years.  He would have been released, long ago, if he had said he was guilty.  But Father Gordon MacRae is not a liar.  The truth is the only truth.  He blogs by sending his post to a friend who runs the blog, These Stone Walls, for him.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  Father types on a cantankerous old typewriter.  Note, not a word processor, nor an electric typewriter.  He balances that typewriter in his cell, somewhere (toilet? cot? floor?).  But the message gets through.

Father MacRae's blog has been nominated in the yearly contest, My Favorite Catholic Blog.  I'm praying that his blog wins, to call attention to the injustice being done to him.  Please click on this word link, and vote for These Stone Walls.  You can vote, once a day, every day, until the Feast of Saint Joseph, March 19.

Thank you.

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