St. Patrick and the Four Leaf Clover

St. Patrick made by Stained Glass Inc.
The four leaf clover is considered lucky because of its rarity.  Just try to find one!

I consider St. Patrick lucky to have been kidnapped and forced into slavery because it deepened his faith.  In prayer, Patrick learned contemplative listening and trust in God's plan.  I also consider St. Patrick lucky to have not only survived the pagan hostility, but overcame it.

But it's not the four leaf clover that is associated with St. Patrick.  It's the shamrock--the three leaf clover.  There are many stories about him using the three leaf clover to explain the Trinity.  It worked at the time, and for the pagans he was ministering to.  There are three person in one God.  And I've also heard that St. Patrick stuck the shamrocks on his clothes, so that people would inquire about them.  Hence, he would be given the opportunity to explain the theological concept of the trinity.

It worked.  And it still works--to an extent.  It has its limitations.  There are three distinct persons in One God.  There are not three distinct clovers in one shamrock.

All attempts to explain God fail.  He wouldn't be God, if you could.


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