Imitating Adam and Eve

Yesterday, St. Patrick's Day, we had a party.  It was a grand time.  Everyone who is dear to us attended.  It was so much fun, so much food, so much laughter, so much busyness, that my two year old granddaughter didn't pay attention to nature's call.  It was too much distraction for adults too, so no one remembered to remind her to try and go to the bathroom.  Hence, she had an accident.

As I was fixing her shoe, I noticed that her pants were wet.  I asked her "Why are your pants wet?"  She told me that Dallas, the cat, did it.

I was reminded of Eve blaming the serpent, and Adam blaming Eve.  This incident is proof that we really are Adam and Eve's descendants.

This would be funny, except that I was told that she has been blaming Grandma for naughty things she has done.

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