Chair of St. Peter Sede Vacante

Today is the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter.  It suddenly struck me that this chair, next week will be Sede Vacante!  Since Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, effective Feb. 28, 2013, next Friday, March 1, we will have no Pope.  It will seem uncanny not to have a Pope.  I bet Fr. Frank will forget, and still put his name in the Eucharistic Prayer, where we pray for the Pope.  We will have to pray for the choosing of a new pope by the conclave of cardinals. 

During the period of sede vacante, the administration of the church is managed by a regency (chosen by the College of Cardinals).

The above image is the most coveted chair in my house.  My granddaughter and my cat vie for it.  I know it’s not the chair of St. Peter, but it might just as well be, for Lucy and Dallas.  Many schemes have been plotted over its occupancy.

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