You're a Gossip, a Liar, and a Do Good Failure

The Argonauts were discussing The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye by Rachel Joyce.  One of the supporting impetuses of the pilgrimage was a story someone told Harold.  What’s interesting, we find out in the end, is that the story was made up.

This story reminded me of my own.  I had a friend, whom I wanted to encourage.  I made up a story of a friend in similar circumstances.  It had a happy ending.

Well, my friend whom I was trying to encouraged, backed away from me.  She scolded me for being a gossip.  She said that I shouldn't be talking about people behind their backs.  And if this is what I did to friends, then she didn't want to be considered a friend of mine.  Then she turned around and walked out of my life.   

Paralyzed in shock, I think would describe my reaction.  I didn't dare call her back to explain that I made the entire story up.  What would she have called me then?

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