Winter in New England

My friend was thinking of reasons why she likes living here.  When the temperature is zero, that's a mammoth effort.  As for me, I like all the seasons.  Summer is my favorite, but it wouldn't be if there were no winter.  Winter does have its good points:

No Cape traffic.

No mosquitoes.

No sunburn.

I look better in winter clothes.

Hot comfort food.

Fires in the fireplace.




Advent Wreathes

Jesse Tees


Snow angels

Christmas Cacti  

Talking to neighbors after snow storms

Snow Days

Hot Cider

Smell of wood burning in wood stoves

Sledding, skiing, snow boarding, ski lodges

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Soft, warm, flannel pajamas



First Night

Skating on the Frog Pond

Too many to list...

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