Man Owes Woman

Today, I read Genesis 3.  I know some people automatically blame Eve for committing the first sin.  However, read Gen 3: 6.  The verse clearly states that Adam was with Eve.  How can Eve be blamed for eating the apple, when Adam was there.  Why didn't he shout, “No.”  Hence, it was Adam’s silence, and also his inaction, that damned them.

Still, Eve never blames him.  Adam blames her; she blames the serpent.  In this “blame game,” Eve never says, “He, the man who was made first, he just stood there, like one of dumb boulders, with his jaw slack, and his eyes blinking a thousand times; he didn't stop me; he didn't say anything.  He did nothing.  He let me do his dirty work!  He didn't protect me.  He didn't stop the serpent.  He just let me do what he didn't have the balls, guts, nerve to do.”

She didn't snitch.  The way I figure, man owes woman, big time.

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