Jesus and Complacency

Father George Szal, S.M., was giving advice to the seminarians.  He joking told them something that isn't really a joke.  He said, "You think you'll be all set, once you're ordained.  You have no clue.  You expect that everyone will love and respect you, once your a priest.  Ha!  Ten percent will love you.  But another ten percent will hate you.  And the other eighty percent don't give a damn.  They're complacent.  They're occupying a seat; doing the minimum to get to heaven."

I hope that's not true.  I hope that more than ten percent love their priests.  I don't think anyone hates, (maybe dislikes), their priest.  But is the complacent eighty percent true?

Complacency makes Jesus sick.  He will vomit the complacent out of His mouth.  Rev. 3: 14-16

...thou art neither cold nor hot.  I would that thou wert cold or hot.  But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to vomit thee out of my mouth; ...

I don't think eighty percent are.  Maybe now and then most fall into being too comfortable, but something always comes along to shake them awake.  That's life.  You can't be human and not be affected by death, unhappiness, unfairness, etc.  The Newtowns, the 9/11's, war, etc., sooner or later something will touch the hearts of the complacent, and they awake and seek Him, Whom comforts.

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