Cold is Beautiful

This You Tube video is of riding on  Diamond Hill Reservoir Road in Cumberland, RI.  This is a beautiful place.  The video does not do it justice.  This is just a video of pavement along a small stretch of road going into Diamond Hill Reservoir.  You can't appreciate God's glory looking at pavement--nor man's either.

Today the Trail Hikers walked up this road.  There was a snow storm last week, so we couldn't go into woods.  It's too slippery to walk over ice encrusted rocks.  A walk up a plowed road, with little auto traffic, yet beautiful scenery was perfect.

Hubby was going to come, but when this morning's temperature said that it was 6 degrees, he said "Are you crazy?"

Crazy included eight of us, this morning: two men, and six women.  We were dressed for the Arctic.  I was fine.  My buff kept my face warm.  Two mittens and a pair of gloves kept my hands warm.  My jacket and pants were appropriate.  The only complaint I have, is that my toes froze.  Next time, I'm getting toe warmers to put in my boots.

We spent some time trying to figure out what a couple of birds were: a blue bird and a gold finch.

I bet the man videotaping this video didn't see any birds.

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