Adam's and Eve's Confession

Tonight's Bible study led me to a different insight.  We're reading Genesis 3.  Specifically, we read verses 9-13.

Here God questions Adam and Eve.  He asked a number of questions: "Where are you?  Who told you that you were naked?  What is this thing that you have done"

For sure God knew the answers already.  Then why did He ask?

This was the discussion:

The parents and teachers in the group said these are the type of questions you ask to understand.  God loved them and wanted to talk about the deed and its consequences-- for Adam's and Eve's benefit; surely not His.  He wanted to make sure they understood what they did.

Others said that God kept Adam and Eve talking to build up their shame and guilt.  This is how one forms a conscience.

Some said the questioning was a sign of hope for Adam and Eve.  God knew that Adam and Eve were guileless and would never have disobeyed on their own.

Then, the scripture opened up for us and gave us a new insight.  Although God knew what had happened, He wanted to make Adam and Eve accountable, just like we should be, when we sin.  God was actually showing Adam and Eve how to make an Examination of Conscience.  We must know that what we did was wrong.  Then, we must confess it!  Following, we have to take responsibility for our sins.  Do penance, and resolve never to sin again.

And we receive forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  

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