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Memorare for May

Bishop Finn from the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph, is urging people to pray the Memorare for the month of May, for his special intentions.  
Why not?  The Memorare is my St. Mary's Women's Club special prayer.  I can add this one prayer after my daily Rosary.  On this site is a form to be filled out, if you want to join those praying.  The Bishop is aiming for a million Memorares.

The Memorare Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.

Video Preaching Against HHS Mandate

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It's short.  Watch and see and hear.

Human Dignity Not Debatable

This is a picture of a Rosary held between hands of two protesters during a vigil opposing Arizona's Immigration Law at the state capital, April 24, 2012.  Whenever I hear of the problems of immigration I always send up a prayer of thanksgiving for my "illegal" grandparents.  My maternal grandmother lied about being 18, and my maternal grandmother just walked through the Canadian woods and never turned back. 
    My Lithuanian grandmother became a citizen and only learned enough English to pass the test, and then forgot it.  I remember her signing official documents with an "X".  I don't remember whether or not Mémé was a citizen.  We didn't discuss politics.  
   Hence I enjoyed reading Archbishop Jose Gomez article in the Washington Post.  He thinks Arizona's law is unAmerican, anti-family, and threaten to remove humanitarian considerations from our immigration system altogether. This would be a tragedy for the individuals subject to these…

Can a Wrong be Right?

The Bible has it's stories about a "wrong" that was committed and God made it right.  Think of the crucifixion, or Joseph and his brothers, Jacob, Peter, etc.
Well, wrap your head around the story of the theft of St. Mark's body from Alexandria.  That's what's depicted in the picture.
Around the year 828 a group of Venetian merchants arrived at the sanctuary of Alexandria with the intention of transporting the relics of the saint, by whatever means, to the nascent city of Venice. Outstanding among these men were Buono da Malamocco and Rustico da Torcello. They learnt from the monk Staurazio and the priest Theodore, custodians of the sanctuary, that it risked being destroyed by the Arab governor of Alexandria who had decided to use marble and columns from the Christian churches to build a palace in the ancient city of Babylon. To console them the merchants offered to take them back to Venice together with the body of Mark.

Having overcome the resistance of the…

Br. Labre

Now I get it.  I was talking to Br. Labre, last night and I didn't understand his name.  I thought he was saying La Bra, or Labera, or Laberae, or L'Abre.  Finally, I realized that since he is a Little Brothers of Saint Francis, who ministers to the homeless, his name might be associated with homelessness.  Voila,
St. Benedict Joseph Labre – Patron Saint of the Homeless The Little Brothers strive to live the Holy Gospel among the poorest of the poor in prayer and presence.

Extra! Extra! Read all About It!

Do you see the hand of God in this?  I do.  Imagine if Cardinal Dolan is # 1, then his influence on the government's Health and Human Services Mandate could break it. Let us pray.

Weight Loss Site

Slim Kicker is a new site.  It seems to have everything.  You can track your food and its nutritional value, as you log it in.  There's support--even an online group!  Check it out.

Sorry, But NO

My non-Catholics friends are usually hurt because we Catholics ask them not to receive the Eucharist with us.  When actually, it would be the other way around, if they did partake of the Eucharist.  We Catholics would be offended.  It is because non-Catholics don't believe that it is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus; so they don't appreciate the sacrament.  If they did, they'd be Catholics.
It's like my granddaughter who fried my computer, last week.  She didn't get what a computer is, how important it is--it's job, what it means to me.  She touched it because she felt hurt that I said she couldn't.

I was reminded of this when I read the Second Reading, in the Office of Readings, for the Third Sunday of Easter.  Saint Justin, martyr (Cap. 66-67: PG 6, 427-431) in talking about the celebration of the Eucharist:

 No one may share the Eucharist with us unless he believes that what we teach is true, unless he is washed in the regenerating waters of baptism f…

Wine Tasting

St. Mary's Women's Club had a wine tasting. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Lorie and Bruce Hurst hosted the event. We had Chardonnay with mac and cheese. Pinot Noir went with chocolate chip cookies. Dessert was apple crisp and cantaloupe with Cabernay Sauvignon. Everything was topped off with brownies made with Pinot Noir.

Need I say, I'm well satiated.

These wines were from HandCraft winery.  Excellent.  The recipes were good, too.  

Something funny happened during the wine tasting.  Since we all had brought our own glasses to the event, I just brought an old one.  It happened to be from 2005, when I visited the Horton Vineyards, in VA.  Now, picture this.  Here we are enjoying our glasses of wine and I pick up my glass and read, There is evil in every berry of grape ~ Koran.

Ah....another good reason I'm glad I'm Catholic.

After a few more sips, I see that the other side of the glass has something else written on it.  One barrel of wine can work more mir…

Remember and Vote in November



I'm back in the saddle again. My granddaughter pressed (I don't know what)the wrong key, or something on my keyboard, and I was out of circulation. My computer was in "pause mode." I didn't know what had happened. Lucky I'm Catholic. I believe in forgiveness and mercy. All is forgiven, now let's "move on."

With Money You Can Buy Anything

With Money You Can Buy Anything, is a mentality that is so wrong, it is evil. Sister Eugenia Bonetti is passionate about the fight against human trafficking. For years, she has dedicated her time and energy to helping victims of human trafficking. More importantly, however, is to break this vicious cycle.

“First of all to change the mentality, the mind that with money you can buy anything you want and that is really what you have to change in the culture", said Sr. Eugenia Bonetti. Watch this video for more.

Stand Strong for Conscience Protections in Health Care

Our country's bishops have asked Catholics to pay attention. One of our basic rights are about to be taken away. One of our First Amendment Rights is threatened. The right to practice our religion is in jeopardy.

Don't let the media dupe you. You will see and hear that the Bishops don't want their employees to have contraceptives. You'll hear that the Catholic Church doesn't care about women's health. These claims are so ludicrous that they're not even worthy of consideration. Who takes care of women better than Catholic Hospitals, Catholic Shelters, Catholic Homes for Unwed Mothers, Catholic Clinics, Catholic Medical Centers, Catholic Colleges, Catholic religious institutions, Catholic Charities, etc? Pleeeze.

The talk shows, newspapers, bloggers, radio hosts, magazines, are off focus. Don't get into a debate with them. They'll draw you off the subject. They don't get it. They don't see what's happening here. They mis…

The Union of the two Mary's

Picture this. Fr. Lataste explains his idea to Mother Henri-Dominique. She gasps. Her eyes widen. With a long intake of breath, she asks, "Moi?"

She is being asked to begin a congregation, not just be a humble member of an existing one. She had thought she was entering an established community. But... but...but it didn't even exist! It was just an idea of Father Lataste's.

"C'est impossible. "

Nothing is impossible with God. She was open to prayer. Father Lataste suggested that she pray for three days in front of the crucifix.

Three days of meditating on the suffering of Christ. She had some experience of suffering. The women she wished to work among, certainly experienced suffering. She did wish to unite herself to this suffering.

Then a vision appeared before her. Why had she not seen this before? There, at the foot of the cross, were the two Mary's. Our Blessed Mother was there in all her pure virginity. Beside her was the oth…

Billy Collins

April is national poetry month. Billy Collins is one of my favorites.

Don't you think prayer/poetry is a good way to start the day?

Pornchai's Plea

If you don't follow the blog These Stone Walls, you should. The author is an incarcerated priest, Father Gordon Macrae. Recently, he posts abut Pornchai Moontri. Pornchai lived in Thailand until he was 11. He never went to school there, so he doesn't know how to read and write in Thai. He doesn't remember how to speak Thai, for that matter. But there's a good possibility that he may be deported there--not knowing anybody, nor having a prospects of employment, nor a place to live...the basic necessities. He doesn't know the language, anymore.

Can anyone help him?

Pornchai Moontri is incarcerated also. Please read his story, especially about his conversion. It would be ideal if some Thai religious affiliated group took him under their wing. He needs contacts to help him in Thailand, if and when he's deported. He speaks English well. He can read English and write, but he's much more fluent in math. He is excellent with his hands. He loves to do …

Mother Henri-Dominique Berthier, O. P.

You know how crazy I am about Pere Jean-Joseph Lataste, O.P., well he wouldn't be where he is today (becoming beatified June 3, 2012), were it not for Mother Henri-Dominique. She's the one who helped him.

Like myself, and many others, she fell in love with Pere Lataste's idea of a religious contemplative order, made up of ex-prisoners. Others who hadn't been in prison could join also, but being in prison, or not, no one could tell who was which. So Mother Henri-Dominique left her order, Presentation of Tours, to join the Dominicans.

It happened so fast. The Superior of the Sisters of the Presentation of Tours demanded their habit back. The Dominicans of Cette, France, immediately (two hours after her arrival), gave her the Dominican Habit. Undoubtedly, so Mother Henri-Dominique wouldn't feel so naked.

Their reasoning is important. The reason the Dominican Sisters of Cette put their habit on Mother Henri-Dominique so quickly was due to the fact that she be…

Another Example of Married Saints

Not quite saints, yet. The process of Beatification began in 2001. This couple is my generation. They lived in my times, my culture, my world. But their lives are so Christian. If they aren't saints, then no one can merit sainthood.

Marcello Inguscio was born in 1934. Anna Maria Ritter was born in 1938. He was Catholic; she was Waldensian. Both were musicians and interested in helping the sick. They met studying music and were reacquainted in a slum in Catania. They prayed together and dedicated themselves to volunteer work among the sick and elderly.

When they decided to marry, Marcello and Anna made an agreement. Marcello studied Protestant theology and Anna, Catholicism. Anna fell in love with the Eucharist. They married in 1968. Forty of their wedding guests were handicapped. And the newlyweds spent their wedding reception feeding the handicapped.

When they set up their house, it had a chapel, which became the ecclesial community Mission Church-World. The cou…

Always Assume the Presence of Grace

It’s Easter morning, and I was distressed. I went to the tomb and Jesus wasn’t there.


I’m referring to what happened to me in the sacristry. I was at 7:30 Mass and a man with his daughter approached me and asked what to do about his daughter receiving Communion and her celiac disease. I explained about the celiac wafers we have on hand and that Father would come shortly and talk to him. Father did come and I noticed that the man didn’t see him. He was still waiting for the priest.

I looked around the room and saw the problem. Do you know that there were three, 3, yes, three priests in the sacristry, and not one of them was in a Roman collar! So the man and his daughter were still waiting.

“Irked” describes my feelings. I bet the Protestant ministers were in Roman collars. But our Catholic priests were in civies. It’s Easter! Even the Walmart people were dressed in their best!

I was not in the proper mood to worship. Then, when Communion time came, I was shock…

eLumenate Introduces Father Lataste

eLumenate is a supplement to the Lay Dominican newsletter, eLumen. The Spring issue is devoted to my spiritual hero, Pere Marie Jean-Joseph Lataste, O.P.

Pere Lataste is going to be beatified on June 3rd. I am blessed to be going. Of course, I'll blog about the entire pilgrimage. Until then, you can read about Pere Lataste here.

He's noted for founding the Dominican Sisters of Bethany, along with Mother Henri-Dominique, O.P. He'll be beatified as the Apostle of Prisons because the Dominican Sisters of Bethany accept ex-prisoners. In fact, they have a "rule of discretion," which forbids questions and discussing a sister's background. There is no past in Bethany, only the present and future hope.

One of the best articles in this particular eLumenate, was written by a "cloistered brother" in New Jersey. He explained Latastian Spirituality.

"The spirituality of Pere Marie Jean-Joseph Lataste, O.P. upholds the dignity and humanity of t…

Vote for the Archbishop

Go over to Time Magazine's site and vote for Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan to be considered influential. There's a poll there tallying votes for whom should be considered. So if you think the President of USCCB, the Archbishop of New York, former Bishop of Milwaukee, and the author of numerous books is influential enough, go vote for him.